Blast From the Past: Query Tips

I’m slowly making my way back to the land of the living and will return to a regular blog schedule soon. In the meantime, here’s one of my past popular blog posts: Query Tips.

Okay, so after reading a bunch of queries for my huge query critique giveaway, a few common things stood out, […]

Query Strategies–The Batch Method

For those who wish to pursue the traditional path to publication, it often involves finding an agent who will, in turn, submit your work to editors at publishing houses. In order to find an agent, one must send out query letters. The purpose of my Wednesday Query Critique Giveaway (which I swear I’m getting back […]

Query Tips

I’m slowly working my way through the query onslaught after last week’s post. The creativity and dedication of writers never ceases to amaze me, so thank you to everyone who submitted their query for critique. Since I tend to be direct and have been giving a lot o’ feedback on the queries so far, I […]