The Perils of Being a Full-Time Writer

For the first time, my kiddos are both in school and I have oodles of time during the day to write. I’m not even a full-time writer yet as I work two days a week in my private practice, but that leaves THREE whole days of interrupted free time. Therein lies the problem. I wrote […]

Longhand versus Laptop

Up until now, I’ve written my novels solely via laptop. Sure, I’ve mapped out outlines, ideas, and characters in a notebook (okay, so I have notebooks everywhere, and it might be an addiction, but that’s a different post), but the actual writing has taken place at my computer. Then I had something weird happen a […]

Writing more than one book at a time

Until now, my writing process has been fairly straight forward:

Step 1. Get story idea.Step 2. Write it and revise ad nauseum.

End of story (pun intended). I never worked on more than one thing at a time, because I became obsessed with that one manuscript. This time around has been a […]