THE WING COLLECTOR Release Day and Prize Pack!

I’m beyond excited to announce that today is the release day for THE WING COLLECTOR!

When a pair of faerie wings fetch big bucks online, 17-yo Lila Kincade realizes her kind aren’t just oppressed; they’re hunted. Due to prejudice and hostility by humans, half-human/half-faerie Lila lives in a world where faeries are required to bind their wings in order to look like everyone else. As faerie corpses pile up around her, Lila realizes she is the prime target and must race to save herself—and all faeries—from extinction.

You can grab your copy of THE WING COLLECTOR on Amazon here (and the paperback version will be coming soon!) Also, for the next 3 days only, you can get the prequel, WINGLESS, free on Amazon. I hope you enjoy it!

To celebrate, I’m giving away this gorgeous fairy figurine and a $50 Amazon gift card. There are multiple ways to get entries and no purchase is required to win. Good luck:
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64 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novels and Urban Fantasy ARC Offer

Like sci-fi and fantasy?

If you’ll have some down time over the holidays and love a good book to read, but want to do it on a budget, you can now grab 64 FREE (yes, free) sci-fi/fantasy novels, novellas, and short stories in the November Art of the Arcane giveaway here: You just click on each story you want and download it free, though the site organizer is awesome and welcomes any donations if you are so inclined!

One of the short stories available in the above giveaway is my short story, Wingless, which leads into my upcoming urban fantasy novel, The Wing Collector, about a teenage half-human/half-faerie who sees a pair of faerie wings on eBay and realizes her kind aren’t only being oppressed–they’re being hunted.

I now have final edits from my editor, so I’m looking for a few good readers (hint: YOU) to read an Advanced Copy Review (ARC) of the novel before it’s out in the world. I would send you the novel at the end of December, and the only requirement would be that you would read it within one month and then write an honest review of it on Amazon, etc. If interested, just reply to this email or email me at kristi (at) and I’ll add you to my Readers of Awesomeness.

Hope you all enjoy some great down time with family, shopping or football (if those are your things), and turkey or Tofurky (is that still a thing?) Happy Thanksgiving to all! 🙂 Kristi

Grab Your Free Copy of My New Urban Fantasy Short Story, WINGLESS!


Hello lovelies,

I’m so excited to give you a free copy of my new short story, WINGLESS. It’s an urban fantasy story that takes place in London, and is the precursor to my upcoming novel, THE WING COLLECTOR. What’s it about?

17-year-old Jemma looks just like all the other students at her private school in London, but she has something different underneath her uniform–wings. Half-human and half-faerie in a world where faeries hide their wings due to extreme discrimination and prejudice by humans, Jemma does her best to fit in with her classmates. She’s lucky to have a best friend, Kate, who accepts her despite the extra appendages, but when Jemma sets her sights on star footballer, Matthew Taylor, she knows something has to give. When her best friend discovers a doctor who can perform a risky operation on Jemma, she dares to hope for a normal wingless existence…until a faerie is murdered in Epping Forest, and Jemma realizes it may be too late for her.

Grab your FREE copy of WINGLESS here and I hope you enjoy it:

Thanks! Kristi