On Writing, Star Wars, and Politics


This is a long post, so here we go. The recent election has stirred up a lot of emotions and thoughts about where our country is headed, and it brought up questions on social media about whether it was wise for authors to voice their opinions versus keep their heads down and focus […]

Happy 2017 and Thoughts for the New Year

Happy 2017 all! I don’t know about you, but the end of 2016 was a rough one for me. I attended two funerals within three weeks at the end of the year for people who died way before their time, one at age 39 and one age 18. The 39-yo, […]

Ode to my Writing Companion

If you saw my Facebook post, you know we’ve had a really hard week in our household. One of our two canine “children” died, leaving the human children, the other dog, my hubby, and myself devastated. This is Gennie:


When we rescued her through Colorado Beagle Rescue, she was 2-years-old, […]