Why Having a Rock Star Agent Matters

The Benefits of Having a Great Agent

I’m sure you’ve all heard the warning that a bad agent is worse than no agent at all. I’ve read horror stories (and even heard in person from a best-selling author) about what happens when an agent goes bad and they have to start over and find […]

Interview with Amazon Best-Selling Author Shelli Johannes Wells

Today we welcome Shelli Johannes Wells of Market My Words to the blog. Shelli is the author of Untraceable, which has hit the Amazon bestseller lists in multiple categories including: Top 100 eBooks, Top Action and Adventure, and Movers & Shakers. To top it off, Shelli was recently nominated for the Crystal Kite Award (SCBWI […]

One author’s self-publishing journey featuring Rick Daley

I pride myself on being somewhat knowledgeable about many aspects of the publishing world, but confess to knowing almost zilch about self-publishing. I’ve noticed recently that several writers I know through blogs/etc. have chosen the self-publishing route and I was curious about their decision. I thought I’d pick the brain of one such person so […]